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Broadband for Arnhem Land

From the ABC’s 7:30 report, a good news story about the Broadband Revolution coming to Arnhem Land in the Northern Territory. A fibre optic cable has be laid into Arnhem Land. This is great story in so many ways:

  • The technical hurdles that needed to be over come in laying cable in a harsh environment including under a crocodile infected river.
  • The positive social impact for education and health resulting from broadband.
  • How culturally¬† sensitively the whole project was managed, with traditional owners from the local Aboriginal communities being consulted and involved in the project.

Telecom revolution for Arnhem Land (video from


Google’s Photovoltaic System

This is kind of a follow up to my previous post on Green Computing. IT Conversations has posted a talk by Anthony Ravitz, Project Coordinator, Real Estate & Workplace Services, Google, about Google’s installation of photovoltaic cells on the roof of the Googleplex. Google’s significant size and wealth would allow them to be a leader and implement this type of project based purely environmental/ethical grounds, in the near future I hope to see many organisation around the world implementing similar projects and environmental, ethical and economic grounds.

Green Computing

From IT Conversations Phil Windley’s interview with Jeremy Faludi about Green Computing. I highly recommend listening to this. They address the environmental aspects of computing from the massive amount of power used by data centers to the chemicals used in the production of computing equipment.

Jeremy Faludi has written a 4 part article on green computing

The show was also the first time I had heard of The Green500 that ranks systems by MFLOPS/Watt. I am interested in both environment and tech issues so I have found the issues of Green Computing very interesting. Tech is so much part of the world, the impact this tech has on the environment is going to become more and more important in to the future.